SOPA and PIPA: Should Writers Oppose Them?

If you’ve been bouncing around online today, you’ve probably noticed a number of “Stop SOPA” labels and posts about SOPA and PIPA. If you haven’t noticed, perhaps you’ve been working (good plan). I’m working too, but since the internet is a huge part of my business, I’m paying attention to things like SOPA and PIPA, because I care about keeping my business alive.

I’ve already written about SOPA and PIPA on my entrepreneurship blog, Do What Matters, Make it Pay, so I won’t cover everything here, but I will share a link to the American Censorship infographic and a compelling Ted video by¬†Clay Shirky that explains how SOPA and PIPA assume “guilty until proven innocent” and have the potential to turn the internet into a censored wasteland.


Remember, visit Do What Matters to find links to more information, a petition, and other videos.

3 thoughts on “SOPA and PIPA: Should Writers Oppose Them?

  1. This is a fabulous video! Thanks for producing it! At least I understand what is happening now! Have also spread the word about this video so others can understand too.

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